Photo Credit: Lynn Charlton

Photo Credit: Lynn Charlton

About Sandy

I work with and understand the specific needs of students from public school, private school, parochial school, cyber school, and home school.  I have an open mind about education and understand that each student is different with unique goals and unique circumstances.

With a complete understanding of child development and education, I am well prepared to get a student from point A to point B.  From the teaching of reading to standardized test preparation to assisting with the college essay, I have experience and am happy to help. There is nothing more rewarding than helping a child achieve his or her goals.

I work with students because I genuinely enjoy it.  I enjoy learning, helping students define and reach their goals, problem solving and researching.  My goals are to help students discover their unique qualities and to help them find and thrive in their best fit learning environment.

Professional Affiliations:

  • Higher Education Consultants Association

  • Independent Educational Consultants Association, Professional Member

  • National Association of College Admissions Counselors

  • Pennsylvania Association of College Admissions Counselors

  • New Jersey Association of College Admissions Counselors


  • Independent Educational Consultant Certificate, University of California, Irvine

  • Certified Teacher, PA

  • Certified Teacher, NJ

  • Bachelor of Arts, Bucknell University (Major: Economics, Minor: Education)

  • Master’s Degree in Education, Seton Hall University

  • 60+ graduate credits in education, Chapman University

  • Public school, cyber school, home school teaching experience

  • Experience learning and teaching through traditional and online methods

  • 25 years teaching/tutoring experience

  • 20+ college visits/year

  • Bi-weekly meetings with College Admissions Representatives

Lifelong Learner – Participant in the Following Workshops/ Seminars/Certificate Courses:

College Cost Lab, Birkman Assessment, Khan Academy Certificate, Advising Students on the College Essay, Teens Trends and Trending Teens, Neuropsychological Testing: Demystifying the Data, The Fundamentals of the WISC4, College Admissions Trends, The State of College Admissions 2010,2011,2012,2013,2014,2015, 2016, 2017,2018, Step by Step: College Awareness and Planning for Families, Counselors and Communities, Navigating a Successful College Search & Transition for Student with Disabilities, Financial Aid, Understanding the Art and Science of Reviewing College Applications, Working With Students With Learning Disabilities, College Financial Planning Series: The Basics of Financial Aid, Affordability, Merit Scholarships and How to Find Them, SAT vs. ACT – Which one should a student take?, Preparing Students for College, Essential Resources for College Consulting, Counseling Students Who Think They Can: Throw, Catch or Hit (Athletes on the path to college), College Access and Success Tools, Promoting Maturity in Teenagers, Counseling Students with ADD and Learning Disabilitie,s Trending in College Admissions: Non-cognitive Assessments and more, Supporting Students in Transition: Critical Resources For Transfer Student Success, Facilitating Student Transfers from Two to Four-Year Colleges, Understanding Athletic Recruiting in the 21st Century, Attending University in Canada, Supporting Students in Transition from Community Colleges, Gap Years: What’s Out There, How to Structure One, and Simple Vetting Options, Testing College Readiness: What are the Redesigned SAT and ACT Measuring and How Do We Best Prepare Our Students, Anatomy of a Financial Aid Award, The Fading of Facebook: the Evolution of Teenage Online Social interactions, Working with Homeschool Students Through the College Process, Detailed Analysis of the SAT