A-La-Carte Services

With the exception of Essay Support, all services below are available only to students who have already completed a Test Prep or a Best Fit Package with EDNavigators.

  • Work With the Student on the College Applications($105/hour)***

  • Essay Support ($105/hour)***

  • Work on Activities List or Resume for College Application ($105/hour)***

  • Review/Edit Completed Applications before they are submitted ($105/hour)***

  • Additional Test Prep Hours (only for students who have already completed an EDNavigators Test Prep Package already) ($105/hour)

  • Parent meeting/email/phone communication with the parent of a Best Fit or Test Prep Package student. (There is no charge for the initial phone inquiry conversation or miscellaneous questions that do not require research time to answer. There is no such thing as a dumb question when it comes to college admissions and I am more than happy to answer any and all college related questions. I do not charge for quick questions, but when a large chunk of my time is needed to meet, talk or respond to complex questions, I bill for the time.) ($105/hour)

  • Proctored Practice Tests With Diagnostic Score Reports: $125/test

***Note: I will not give a student college suggestions unless we have completed the Best Fit College List Package or Full Launch Package.  It’s too important to me that I only suggest schools where I feel a student would be a good fit and I can’t do that without going through the whole best-fit process.