Current SAT

Ten Things to Know About the New SAT

  1. New SATIt looks a LOT like the current ACT
  2. It is designed to be very challenging emphasizing critical thinking and rigorous standards
  3. The total possible points will be 1600:  800 Verbal(Reading and Writing) and 800 Quantitative (Math and Science)
  4. Calculators will not be permitted for a portion of the Math Section
  5. Science concepts will be tested in both the reading and the math sections
  6. Vocabulary will be tested in context in both the reading and the writing sections
  7. The writing section will have three scores: Reading, Analysis and Writing
  8. The reading section will be more complex than the current ACT
  9. The writing section will be optional (according to The College Board, not necessarily the colleges themselves)
  10. Compared to the Current SAT
  • The Math section will put more focus on Algebra and less focus on Geometry and will require more conceptual understanding
  • A deeper understanding of Algebra 2 and Trigonometry will be needed
  • There will be no guessing penalty
  • There will be no experimental section
  • There will be five sections rather than ten
  •  Reading and Writing will focus more on rhetoric and evidence based reading and less on grammar.

Class of 2017 Testing Timeline