PPY - A Term That it Would Be Wise for Parents of the High School Class of 2017 and Beyond to Know

$ for CollegeWhy know the term PPY? - PPY will be used to determine eligibility for federal financial aid What does PPY stand for? - Prior-Prior Year

What is PPY? - The tax year that will be used to identify a family's Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) for college.  The EFC is a dollar amount which the federal government determines that a family can afford to pay for a year of education.

Why is this important? The Federal EFC for the class of 2017 will be based on this tax year (2015) - In the past it would have been based on next year (the 2016 tax year) - This can make a significant difference in financial aid eligibility for families with fluctuating income levels.

Beginning with the high school class graduating in 2017, a family's federal EFC will be based upon the prior prior year (PPY) tax return - the year the student is in the spring of his/her sophomore year and fall of his/her junior year of high school.

For a more comprehensive description of PPY and the financial aid process, visit EFCplus.com

Sandy Aprahamian, EDNavigators LLC

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