HELP-time_managementWho is the giant? In the eyes of many high school students and their parents the college application process is the giant. Try these simple strategies for shrinking this giant.

  1. Have a goal and motivation to reach your goal. (Campus visits are great motivators.)
  2. Create a big-picture list of what needs to be accomplished throughout the process.
  3. Break the project into small pieces and complete the steps one at a time.
  4. Create a check list and check the boxes so you can visualize your accomplishments.
  5. Use a calendar and work backwards from the deadlines.
  6. Start early (freshman year of high school is not too early)
  7. Use a project manager. (In the case of college admissions, this is an Independent Educational Consultant.)
  8. Be positive and picture yourself succeeding each step of the way.

Tackled with confidence and a positive attitude, the college application process can be a wonderful experience of self-discovery  and can lead to immeasurable rewards.

Sandy Aprahamian, Owner, Independent Educational Consultant, EdNavigators