Test Accommodations

Standardized Testing

motivational road signStandardized Testing is a dreaded word.  Who can possibly enjoy standardized tests?  They are long.  They are intimidating.  Some are intentionally tricky.  For most students, they are simply a miserable experience. Many students are paralyzed in fear when handed a standardized test.  It breaks my heart to see a young person's dream shattered because of a single test.  After many years of discontent over the pressure students are put under to perform well on these high-stakes tests, I have decided to take some action.  I can't end the practice of testing but I can give students the tools they need to conquer these exams.

With my background in education and teaching, my knowledge of the academic progression from pre-k through college and my detailed understanding of the college admissions process I am equipped to empower students to approach these tests with confidence.  Attitude, confidence, motivation and strategy are the most essential tools.

My goal is minimize the level of intimidation standardized tests present and empower students to embrace the test as a means to show the world what they are capable of.

Important note:  some students do have learning differences that limit them from performing well on these tests.  The key is to discover these differences early.  This way they can be addressed before it is too late to get accommodations for the students.  Documentation for accommodations for the SAT and ACT needs to start Freshman year of high school in order for the student to receive testing accommodations.   Also, early discovery of a learning difference can prevent years of discouragement and frustration.

Sandy Aprahamian, Owner, Independent Educational Consultant, EdNavigators  sandy@ednavigators.com