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Ten Benefits of Audiobooks for Students

Reading outside with headphonesIs it okay for my child to listen to the audiobook version of their summer reading assignment?

In short, Yes!
  1. Some students are audio learners. They comprehend better when hearing the material.
  2. When a student is overwhelmed by the length of a book, they can see how long the audiobook is and budget time accordingly.
  3. Pushing play on the audiobook is a way to end procrastination and get started. Often the introductory passage is intriguing enough to make the student want to listen more.
  4. Hearing new vocabulary words read in context with the correct inflection assists with comprehension.
  5. Some students comprehend better when moving. With a headset they can walk, listen and learn.
  6. There is a rewind/repeat button.
  7. Students who get carsick reading in the car can listen to the audiobook, thus using their idle passenger time productively.
  8. A well narrated book can inspire the listener to want to hear more books.
  9. We live in the age of technology. Our children are digital natives. Embrace the opportunities.
  10. The student can water the lawn AND work on their summer reading simultaneously. Multitasking!
I do suggest that students get the book version of the reading as well. This way they have the option of listening along to the audio while reading or referencing the tangible book later so they can see the words on paper. (multi-sensory learning)
How do I get audiobooks:
  • Many audiobooks are available for free through the local library and can be downloaded to the student's phone
  • iTunes sells many audiobooks
  • sells audiobooks
  • If a students purchases an e-book, the reading device they use can usually be set up to read the words aloud
Sandy Aprahamian, Owner, Independent Educational Consultant, EdNavigators