Package 1: Best Fit College List

Intro to The College Search – Best Fit: 

With this package, I help the student answer the following questions:

  • Who am I? – personality type assessment, survey of college culture match, learning style quiz, self-discovery exercises, college readiness inventories, personalized major map, career map and suggested activities based upon student’s self reported interests, abilities and values

  • What are the options in higher education? – overview of the classifications of colleges and universities and what to look for in comparing options

  • Which colleges might be right for me? – introduction and access to a personal student portal account where the student can create a college list based upon personal fit, keep track of college information and manage the college application process

Process: The Best-Fit Package is a two session process:  

First Session:  We communicate by phone, virtually or in person (preferred) to set up surveys and questionnaires. (This meeting is just for the student and counselor.) 

Second Session: We meet in person (preferred) or virtually to discuss survey results, testing results, big picture higher education, a testing plan, activities suggestions and access to the personal student portal. (This meeting is for the student, parents and counselor together.) – This session should be scheduled at least three weeks after the first best-fit session so that there is time to gather and analyze the necessary information and research on the student’s behalf.

During the second meeting, the student receives:

  • an independent assessment of the student’s readiness for college

  • the student’s personality type

  • career and major suggestions for the student based on multiple career inventory and interest methods

  • a beginning list of best-fit colleges based upon student/parent inventories, discussions, transcript analysis and testing analysis which considers academic fit, social fit, financial fit, cultural fit, environmental fit/ location

  • a timeline for application requirements and deadlines

  • a robust comprehensive tool to use for independent college research

  • individual time to ask specific questions about your child and the college process

Cost: $1200 for the two in-person sessions, the counselor research and analysis, the student report, and access to the Custom College Planner Account where the student can manage applications, plan essays and continue to fine-tune research on colleges.

Additional counseling sessions and/or EDNavigators work hours on your behalf are available at $105/hour. This can include narrowing the college list, time management and organization of the application process, assistance with college applications, brainstorming and editing college essays etc.