Package 2: SAT or ACT Prep for the Student Who Has NOT Decided Which Tests to Take

Basic Test-Prep for the (ACT or SAT) includes:

  • Two full length practice test (true retired tests for ACT/ CollegeBoard written for SAT) with full diagnostic results 

  • If the student decides to prep for either the SAT or the ACT: Five hours of custom one-on-one test prep – homework is given between sessions and one set of prep books

Total Cost:

$1050 to prep for ACT or SAT


  • Book 2 practice tests. After both practice tests are completed, we will decide which is the better test for the student and you may schedule the five prep sessions then, leading up to the test date of choice. (If you know that general date that the first real test will be taken, be is SAT or ACT, you may schedule the five prep sessions when you schedule the two practice tests so that you can get the best choices of prep time slots.

Additional test prep/tutoring sessions are available at $105/hour.

  • For students who prep in the summer but plan to take the real test in the winter or spring, I suggest scheduling an additional review/refresh session about two weeks before the planned test date.

  • To stay fresh and on-task, many students choose to add-on sessions after they have completed the basic prep package and taken the real SAT or ACT and before they sit for the next real test. While this is beneficial, it is not essential. The students receive the instruction and materials they need to work independently by completing the basic package.

Proctored and diagnostically scored practice tests are $125 (4 hour test) for students who would like to sit for an additional practice test or want to take a practice test only – without EDNavigators test-prep/tutoring services.

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