College Counseling

Build Best Fit College List

As an Independent Educational Consultant, Sandy is trained to help students find their “Best-Fit” school or college:

  • Academic fit

  • Social fit

  • Financial fit

  • Cultural fit

  • Environmental fit

Sandy's knowledge and experience takes the burden of uncertainty off the family’s plate. She visits school and college campuses and interacts with leaders in education, college admissions and college counseling on a regular basis. Each school, college and university has its own culture. Each student is unique. Sandy gets to know students and schools to assist in making the best fit and match for each student. This service is intended to relieve family stress while saving them time and money in the college process.

The College Process

Finding Your “Best-Fit” Place of Higher Education

*STEPS 1-4 are Part of the Best Fit College List Package

*STEP 5 Assistance with Filling out and/or Editing the Application and Essay Assistance (These services are not part of the Best Fit College List Package. They are offered as supplemental services and billed hourly)

The Best Fit College List Package Process (STEPS 1-4 of the College Process) is a two session process:  

First Session:  Sandy meets one-on-one with the student over Zoom to set up surveys and questionnaires. (This meeting is just for the student and Educational Consultant (Sandy)- It is important that it just be the student- Parents will be included in the next meeting) 

Second Session: We meet over Zoom to discuss survey results, testing results, big picture higher education, a testing plan, activities suggestions and access to the personal student portal. (This meeting is for the student, parents and Sandy together.) – This session will be scheduled for a date that is a minimum of 2 weeks after all of the inventories from the first session are completed. This allows time for Sandy to gather and analyze the necessary information and research on the student’s behalf.

During the second meeting, the student receives:

  • an independent assessment of the student’s readiness for college

  • the student’s personality type (Sandy is a Certified MBTI Practitioner)

  • career and major suggestions for the student based on multiple career inventory and interest methods (combination of MBTI, Birkman Method and Holland Code)

  • a beginning list of best-fit colleges based upon student/parent inventories, discussions, transcript analysis and testing analysis which considers academic fit, social fit, financial fit, cultural fit, environmental fit/ location

  • a timeline for application requirements and deadlines

  • a robust comprehensive tool to use for independent college research

  • individual time to ask specific questions about your child and the college process

We get to LEARN about you
  • Intake Form, Initial Meeting

  • Myers Briggs Personality Assessment (Sandy is a Certified MBTi Practitioner)

  • Birkman Method Assessment

  • MBTi Strong Career Assessment(Based on Holland Code)

  • College Match Survey 

  • College Culture Survey

We TEACH you about concepts and options in higher education
  • 2 year, 4 year, vocational, MD, Masters

  • By Type (National, Regional, Research, Masters), size, and competitive category

  • What is Liberal Arts? the Ivy League?

  • What are speciality schools? Fair Test Schools?

  • Pros and Cons of location (urban, suburban, rural)

  • Search engine overview

  • Score Choice (different ways colleges interpret scores)

  • GPA – weighted vs unweighted (how different schools interpret GPA’s)

We MATCH you with schools that meet your criteria
  • We visit and meet with admission reps from a minimum of 25 schools each year

  • We attend conferences and meetings focused on the current college climate and the latest in the application process/admission trends

  • We have experience navigating and evaluating the perspectives/accuracy of multiple search engines

  • We have worked with hundreds of students to help them find their best-fit in education

We EDUCATE and help plan application strategies
  • Early Decision

  • Early Action

  • Rolling Admissions

  • Regular

  • What tests to take?


  • Profile

We IMPLEMENT the application strategies
  • College Application

  • Essays

  • Letters of Recommendation

  • Transcripts 

Intro to College Search & Best Fit

This package helps the student and family narrow their college list based on personality, learning style, location, etc. Across two 1 hour meetings we will build a roadmap for the application process with access to a robust and comprehensive tool for college research.

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EdNavigators Hourly Services

To book any of the services mentioned on the left (in step 5) including college essay assistance, college applications edits, and more click the link below. Please note that these additional hourly services are only offered to students and families that have already purchased a test prep package (except for essay prep).  

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