Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the differences between the SAT and the ACT?

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Q: How do my SAT and ACT scores compare to each other?

A: Concordance Table


Super-scoring: more schools super-score the SAT than the ACT (This decision is controlled by the colleges and is subject to change at any time. Checking the school’s website is the only way to know the school’s current policy.)

SAT Subject Tests: some schools that require SAT Subject Tests do not require the SAT Subject Tests when the student submits the ACT score


  • SAT and ACT extra time is added to each individual section (if given 1 hour to take the English Language, the student must wait that full hour before moving on to math)

Cancelling of Scores

  • SAT – you have until 11:59 EDT Wednesday after you take the test to cancel your scores

  • ACT – If you ordered that your scores be sent to schools, you have until Thursday noon central time after the Saturday you took the ACT to stop your ACT scores from being sent to the schools.  ACT also has a process to delete a test from record.

Sending of Scores to Colleges

  • SAT – scores are ordered and sent in a bundle

  • ACT – scores are ordered and sent one test at a time

***all of the above information is subject to change – the only way to know the current information is to visit the SAT, ACT or college websites

What is score choice: your ability to choose which test scores you want to send to colleges.

Q: Do I need to take both the SAT and the ACT?

A: No college requires both SAT and ACT scores. EDNavigators suggests taking a practice SAT and a practice ACT and based on the results and feel of the testing experience, selecting either SAT or ACT to prep for and take for real.

Q: Which schools require that I send every test result? - ALWAYS check the website of the school under consideration to see the school’s current policy. These change often.


Carnegie Mellon University | CMU

Clarkson University

College of Charleston

Duquesne University

Elon University

Georgetown University

Gonzaga University

Harvey Mudd

Johns Hopkins University | JHU

Ohio Wesleyan University

University of California System

University of Pennsylvania (from website April 2019: Although we permit Score Choice, we encourage students to submit their entire testing history for both ACT and SAT exams.)

University of South Carolina | USC

Yale University

For the Complete List of SAT Score-Use Practices click here.

Double check the policy on each school’s website incase it changed since this list was created.

Q: Do I need to take Subject Tests?

A: 90 schools recommend or require subject tests-

Schools that require subject tests as of 2017:

  • Cornell, CalTech, Harvard, Harvey Mudd, MIT, McGill*, Rice*, Tufts*, Webb*

Schools that recommend strongly subject tests

  • Duke*, Georgetown


  • *Asterisk means ACT will be accepted in lieu of Subject Tests

  • Most Subject Tests are taken in Math and Science.  

  • There IS still a guessing penalty on Subject Tests

Q: Do I need to take the SAT or ACT essay?

A: Only a small number of colleges require or recommend the essay.  

This is a link to a list of colleges that require or recommend the essay as of June 2019

Q: What if I signed up to take the essay but decided that I do not want to take it now?


Q: Is there a certain month when the SAT/ACT is easier?

A: No they are all scored on a scale that is determined before the test date.

Q: Is my SAT score a good score?

A: Understanding Scores 2017 by College Board provides a percentage of each score

This score is equal to or better than this percent of National Sample

SAT     ACT = to or better than

950      18     38 percent

980      19     44 percent

1020    20      52 percent

1080    21      63 percent

1120    22      70 percent

1190    24      80 percent

1240    26      85 percent

1290    27      90 percent

1360    29      95 percent

1420    31      98 percent

1450    32      99 percent

1520    34      99+ percent

Q: Will a perfect score get me into my top school?

A: No - schools consider the entire application for admission.

Q: How is National Merit Selection Index Calculated?


  • More weight is put on the reading and writing

  • Drop zeros from the Math and Reading/Writing scores on SAT

  • Double the Reading/Writing Score

  • Add the Math and the Doubled Reading/Writing Score to get the selection index

Q: What does Good Test Prep Include?


  • Content knowledge (MOST important)

  • Command of strategies

  • Emotional Control (Dodson Curve)

  • Optimal Test Management (pacing, specific strategies, specific content focus)

  • Confidence

Q: What are QAS and TIR

A: QAS (Question-and- Answer Service) is a service offered by The College Board in October, March and May where you can get the SAT test booklet back and see which answers you missed on the test (The booklet arrives in the mail 6-8 weeks after the test date.)

TIR (Test Information Release) is a service offered by ACT in April, June and December where you can get the ACT test booklet back and see which answers you missed on the test (The booklet arrives in the mail 6-8 weeks after the test date)

Q: Do I even need to take standardized tests?

A: 50 percent of Liberal Arts Colleges are Test Optional

  • 5 of the top 25 Liberal Arts Colleges are Test Optional: Wesleyan University, Connecticut College, Lewis and Clark College, Washington and Jefferson College

National Universities that are test optional

  • University of Chicago, Wake Forest University, Brandeis University, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, American

For a complete list of Test Optional Schools:

Q: Why do I have to take a practice test with EDNavigators if I already took one somewhere else?

A: I understand that students do not want to sit through another extra practice test and definitely do not want to make anyone’s life miserable. However, I have found that prep works best when the students take a practice test with me. When the students take a practice test with me I am looking at other factors than just the score (pacing, fatigue, test anxiety, bubbling methods etc.) Practice Tests are an important component of my prep method.  

Q: When will I get my SAT scores from CollegeBoard

A: Answer is in this link from the College Board Website

Websites for Standardized Testing

CollegeBoard  (SAT information/ test dates/registration)

SAT Score Use Practices By Participating Colleges  (This list comes from the College Board.  Check the specific school website to confirm information.)

ACT (ACT information/ test dates/registration)

All About the AP – A Guide for Students (a comprehensive site created by The College Board)

College Use of AP Scores (search by college to see how each institution uses AP scores..for credit? for placement? for admission?…) (This site includes a list of 850 four-year colleges do not use the SAT or ACT to admit substantial numbers of bachelor degree applicants.  These schools do often require additional essays, minimum GPAs or other supplements to the application.  Check the fine print carefully.)