Summer 2023 Scheduling

Students and Parents:

  • For those asked to wait to schedule, please do so NOW (links below)
  • For those who have not yet spoken with me on the phone, (please schedule a 15 min call below before scheduling)
  • For siblings of prior students, you may schedule sessions now, but please also schedule the 15 min call with me)

Sessions are first come first serve, so act fast before all of my slots fill up. All meetings will continue to be on Zoom.


Scheduling Links

** Class of 2025, start prep this summer! Prep for the paper SAT will prepare you for the Digital version. All prep through Nov 2023 will be for the paper SAT. Digital SAT prep will start in December for the first test in March.

*Application Assistance is only available to students who have completed on Test Prep or the Best Fit College List